Should you drink cold or warm water? The health benefits

Our body consists largely of water. 70% to be precise. The health benefits of drinking water are widely known. How much water is advisable? The recommendation is 30-40 mililitres per kilogram of body weight. So ideally you should drink 2.3 litres of water if you weigh 65 kilograms. Are you having trouble reaching your daily water requirement? We have preapred some valuable tips for you here.

Written by Ana K., Dec 15, 2021

The perfect water temperature for the body

If presented with the choice, most people prefer a glass of cold water instead of warm water. According to studies, the perception of cold differs on individual body parts. Colder temperatures are perceived as pleasant for example. Cold on the skin, however, is not pleasant for the most of us. This is the reason why cold water tastes better to us because it has a thirst-quenching effect in the mouth.

Even if the cold water feels invigorating at first, it is not as healthy as we perceive it to be. The southern people lead by example. There, mostly warm drinks in the form of tea are consumed. The most favourable temperature of drinks corresponds to the body temperature and is therefore 36-37 degrees. Then no energy needs to be expended to regulate the temperature.

In the morning on an empty stomach

The best time for warm water is in the morning! Make it a habit to fill up your fluid reservoir immediately after getting up. After several hours of sleep and detoxification processes your body undergoes during the, the toxins are better removed with a refreshing glas of water.

Let your skin glow! It is a mirror of your inner self. A detoxified body shows off its skin, stimulates blood circulation and thus gives you a fresh colour.

Warm water in the morning also helps to boost your metabolism throughout the day. This has a positive effect on digestion and the ingested calories are burnt more easily. 

Tip: the freshly squeezed juice of half a lemon in combination with warm water also has a dexofiying efect. It also provides the body with valuable nutrients such as vitamin C, calcium, potassium, vitamin A and iron. This has been widely practised in Ayurveda for thousands of years.

Would you like a little variety? You can also add honey, fresh ginger or cayenne pepper to your lemon water mix.

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After a big meal

Warm water has a fat-dissolving and digestive effect, especially after sumptuous meals. You can also use tea. Be careful not to drink it during a meal, but only 20 minutes after. Otherwise you will have the opposite effect and your digestive juices will be diluted. The food will stay in your body longer and you will feel overfilled and listless as a result.

Spread out evenly throughout the day

Make it a habit to drink warm water every 30 minutes. This way you will get the amount of fluid you need throughout the day. Make sure your body doesn't get dehydrated in the meantime.

Plastic-free drinking bottles are best for on the go. An insulating function keeps your water or tea warm for several hours.